What Is Psychological Harassment In Brick City For New Yorkers?

New York City ~ Gang stalking, organized psychological harassment,  poisoning children, and destroying lives by using spy equipment all fails under the definition of “Psychological Terror” today.  What has happened since December 9, 2002, after the police were given a brief case to slavery in Bloomfield, NJ?  An accurate description of what is going on during a gang attack is not for local police departments to gear up of FBI agencies to hide behind their telephones and listen.  The Gang Stalking Environment is real and must be readdressed as a new redesign tool to organizational slavery to patrol the innocent and feed off the higher learning population.

Police accountability has been texted over and over again to gain voice and boycotts within the Black Community to Stop Gangs from harassing the innocent.  Cyber bullying, anonymous hackers into your cellular telephone lines dates back to the War on Drugs with one exception, criminals today organize crimes and ordinary citizenry for deceit, fabrication, threats, and unlawful uses of technology to aid GANG policemen in destroying lives and children.  This union formed after the Emancipation Proclamation to kill innocent people was not the goal of ending segregation, it was the death brought on Blacks using disturbing text, arguments, and drugs to fund pharmacies stemming from gang stalking, poisoning, drugging, and attempting to chemically induce psychotic-like symptoms (sensory neural sounds, chemical weapons, and military weaponry). 

So who are the targets of these crimes under this unlawful seizure to rob the innocent of their information and safety who contaminate the physical health of professionals?  Professionals who are distant from family members and other professionals in their group/circle, professionals that have been victims of domestic violence cold cases, professionals who have children and are single parents, professionals that were victims of terrorism/911, and professionals who have experienced police expungement stemming from child support non-payments.    What is most disturbing about this must research slavery find in 2016 is that individual accounts are normally “Impounded” from the public as a money extortion market to gain more policing equipment and CompSTAT victims under this modern group not identified under the Emancipation Proclamation.  

So where does the “Pain and Suffering” for the victims (including this blogger who has first hand recorded court evidence) get context to pay out restitution?  Why isn’t there research on the equipped and modern groups of slave drivers?  Why isn’t there money thrown at Lawyers and Judges to address these covert fumigations, poisonings, and daily incremental druggings that causes undue suffering and pain for professionals.  Who are hiring these Gang members to target the innocent even after a case has been referred to criminal court?  Who are these Gang members that silence the potential witnesses~ “the trouble maker” the “assault squad?”  Who is the organized crime members since 2001 and 2002 that stalk the public transit systems, family, friends, neighbors, using garbage trucks to obtain addresses on professionals within the community?  Who is “triggering” the the overwhelming assault to deprive professionals of income and employment?  What triggers the event that has nothing to do with the victim? (i.e. News Reporter, The Photographer, etc.)  Is it really “too many”  or is the career criminal scanning new prey in other populations?  Or better yet, “it’s a “hit” a lucrative enterprise of bribes and GPS along with other hi-tech devices to advance communication using harassment equipment.  How are these Gang members and police officers planning this change today since this bloggers demise?  Probably, well-planned work projects, and mobbing activities near and around my/your home.  Felony assault was designed to end Slavery not promote Gang Slavery.  Psychotomimetic agents and irritants along with neuro-interrupters are not for professionals they were for farms to kill insects, not people. 

Bogus investigations, flashing fake badges and hiring investigative reporters today can “legitimize” the assault on the professional public.  It is not just “Politics As Usual” part II, it is proper security into a phenomenon of video cameras, listening equipment, destructive, a professionals ear to promote Gang Psychological misinformation fails to protect the public from covert weapons.  All phones, computers, and methods to record conversations must be maintained to put an end to Slavery.  The real bottom line here is that communication is a service that runs through interceptions and must be used to manage change and stop the broadcasted Psychological Trauma this blogger and every other professional has experienced since the California textfiles of hacking data to deprive the public of criminal lineage.

From the bloggers personal experience, support and voices are needed s to consistently assist police accountability in covert harassment training to reduce racial inequality for Blacks.


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