American Indian Preference Makes A Soulful Appearance At The Couture Fashion Week 24h Season

New York City ~  George Gordon First Nation, Tishynah Buffalo introduced an innovated way to deliver a Pow-wow to the elite audience last night at the Couture Fashion Week in New York City.  The vibrant Chief Joseph prints implicated a choice behavior that produced energy, business, and attributes to the 24th season of discrete investors and buyers.  So, what is Tishynah Buffalo's application based upon her American Indian choice samples that makes the elite travel to New York City's $98 Billion dollar fashion industry?  Answer:  her distinctive, classy, original elegant blend of modern tradition that trademarks her fabrics for an interactive choice set ranked as a restricted choice.

Extreme value of American Indian traditions today is not a generic attribute but a utility to specify individuality.  Tishynah Buffalo does not use the "What If" scenario to simulate predicted outcomes to her audience, Ms. Buffalo fits her business model to the specified user to transform her fashion business to all that traveled from all over the world to enjoy this Canadian fashion designer.  As a high profile designer at a young age, Ms. Buffalo's special talents began with beading and hand sewing garments and accessories to trademark her art into a blend of modern elite luxury today called "Chief Joseph" print.  The indigenous is trending today on an international level and cannot be replicated due to the ranks of revealed preferences contrasted by the line of many generations.


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