What Is A Name?

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New York City ~  What is a name when one is unbiased under a "No Violence" "Informal Truth" daily news platform?  Are you suppose to attack the News Reporter from disseminating truths under the First Amendment?  How about the Fifth Amendment?  Or even the Eight Amendment?  Every name has a meaning today, even if the name is listed in a Gun Memorial solicitation.

The legacy of JaVonte Prothro, 29, is now a memory as of September 19, 2016, in Richmond, California where a single father of two once purchase Sour Powers, Pineapple Fanta Soda, and Snacks for his family.  The single father of two was murder at storefront around 10:53 a.m when he could not succumb to his injuries after being shot multiple times execution style.  A young man's face has been killed by a Muslim Organized Terrorist in the Community of Richmond, California and the once organized Change Agents that assisted an assassin for hire is now under the scope.  The name and memory of Javonte Prothro will live on in the minds and hearts of community demand, but what about the Business Drivers that partnered with the police to apprehend a Fugitive.

Photographers, geospatial locators (National Weather Ambassadors), Fugitive Watch Organizations, and Social Media consultant experts will all fall under the name of JaVonte Prothro, 29, murdered by a dangerous reformed criminal that stole the life of a man who's family legacy was Congressional.  What are the motivators that provided solutions to a deadly Gun Violent Act on September 29, 2016?  Who are the players?  What were the disputes?  What were the legally registered disputes?

As the questions of "What is a name?" continue to earmark business drivers for Bayview Mart, located at 1025 South 47th Street, Richmond, California, participants for the Name:  Javonte Prothro, murdered by Dawaun Rice, 19, unharmed, and arrested for murder the 11th Congressional District, 9th State Senate District, and 15th State House District will be placed under radar by the sources
for answers to a Gun Violence Archive in Washington, DC today!  Join The Prothro Family in "What Is The Name?" to put an end to a stole life, a First Nation name, "NuNu" in the street of Richmond, California where all of his family lived, loved, and celebrated traditions and children.  Join the Prothro Family to end a Henious act (on the Memory of JaVonte's Auntie) stemming from NYC to Richmond, California.  Join the Prothro Family in ending Organized Terrorism!

Join the Prothro Family as they Celebrate a Red Carpet Style tradition to protest change over his violent death on September 19, 2016, at 10:53 am.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the Prothro Family https://www.gofundme.com/2qb5im4/donate/?upsell=cpgn_share

Source:  http://richmondconfidential.org/2016/09/23/19-year-old-man-charged-with-murder-in-shooting-of-javonte-prothro/

Join the Prothro Family in the legacy of JaVonte Prothro

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