What Is A Sonic Weapon And How Does It Effect Nutrition?

New York City ~ Sonic and ultrasonic weapons were once used to destroy brown bats in abandoned houses in rural areas.  (Myth)  The sound waves and echoes were a technique called echolocation that emitted intense weaponry sounds for brown bats to navigate a trick to detect obstacles in flight to roosts and forage food.  Echolocation is an active use of sonar (SOund Navigation and Ranging) along with special morphological (physical features) and physiological adaptations which allow bats to "see" with sound using their voice box (larynx) to capture prey (such as crickets).

Echolocation sounds are emitted through the mouth or nostrils depending on the species to emit echolocation calls through their nostrils as a megaphone.  The ultrasonic range in frequency is an ultrasonic ranging device for Bats that humans can hear called echolocation clicks or noises resembling the sounds of two pebbles together.  The loudness of the sounds is damaging to human hearing especially when the emitting sound is intense.

So, what is sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) and why are they used to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent?  According to research and development by military and police forces, sonic weapons are used like bullets, grenades, mines, or cannons.  The sound or ultrasound focuses a beam on creating a field of sound waves that will disrupt or destroy the eardrums on a target.  The sound causes severe pain or disorientation to incapacitate a person.  When less powerful sound waves are used, a  human being can experience nausea or discomfort.  The frequencies normally occur during counter-terrorist and crowd control settings.  The devices used to produce the sound frequencies also causes vibration of the eyeballs, distortion of vision and death in possible to unborn fetuses.  Most of the time when protestors or rioters can not be managed in a crowd control effort, a magnetic acoustic device is used to blast ultra-high frequency (around 19-20 kHz) to destroy the nuisance.  For mice, high-intensity ultrasound at frequencies from 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz causes lung and intestinal damage by inducing strain on the brain damaging water in the body.  When a handheld sonic weapon is used to amplify a human voice it causes destructive energy in the body depleting all of the nutrients to shatter bones and organs.

Police gone wrong today!!!


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