How Do You Recall A Mayor?

Credit:  Creative Common

Richmond, California ~  The Call of Action began in Richmond, California when two men from Hercules, California were gunned down in the streets on September 19, 2016.  Both men graduated from Hercules High School, and both men were in the City of Richmond when the gun violence occurred.  The parents of the two men share the same common goal ~ "Why were the guns on the streets and "A Demand To End The Violence Of Guns" on the streets of Richmond, California due to the love of the land and opportunities the town has to offer.

How can a city so beautiful and rich in cultural traditions become so infected with hate, guns, and the lack of opportunity since the Safeway Fire in 1988?  What has happened to the leadership of companies that allow residents to see a mountain form with choices go wrong?  Has there been enough evidence of viability to create an opportunity for Richmond Youths that will activate key players for tomorrow's support to change?  Let's look at the leadership and what the community is challenging the politicians to do today?

The community wants a Recall on an elected official that has been appointed by the people to execute order!  The community wants city council to be accountable for legislative matters for the city that have been an ongoing issue marked congressionally unresolved served on the Mayor as an executive decision.  The community wants a strong mayor that has the power to decide legislative matters, not a mayor that runs a government based on personal favors.  WOW!

So, How Do You Recall A Mayor when an individual or group decides to petition a mayor's job performance under a call of action?  Will an application be made to recall the signatures needed to qualify for this complaint?  Who Voted?  What is the Framework?  What is the Schedule?

Unfortunately, for the City of Richmond, where this blogger was born and raised, efforts to ostracize a human being to heinously infect the mindset of others using epithets and labels goes unresolved.



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