Sobo Fashion Is Having A Pop Up Sale!

                                               SOBO Fashion Tote ~ Creative Commons

New York City ~ This Thursday experience the Sobo Handbag for yourself during a 24-hour sale on Social Media.  The luxury picks of Fall Specials, Sunglasses, Specials, The Sobo Bag, and more will be available at 40% off the retail prices.  Take the time during your coffee break to shop for the stylish, durable handbag with interchangeable handles, and unique trims created by two entrepreneurs Marta and Victor, who have 50 years of experience in the business of fashion.

About SOBO

Who is SOBO Fashion, LLC?  Why are the luxury handbags so unique?

Marta has been in the fashion industry for approximately 16 years designing and executing sales using totes that are easily customized to change from business to casual on the move.

Victor, since 1980, has been running a business for himself by expanding company business models.  As a representative of Sobo Fashion, LLC, Victor came into the business to set a business model of the ultimate and unique luxury using a semi-casual, sleek design to accessorize totes that are easily matched using an interchangeable owner-style by need look.  The totes are made using the most modern materials to style an after top fashion trend at an affordable price.

The Fall Tote picks are hot green, rich blue, deep maroon, bright yellow, a soft and natural dune, dark brown and gray all with unique names for each tote under a Fall 2016 framework of luxury thought.  All bags range from $151 to $137 and with 40% off it makes for an affordable purchase just in time for the holidays.  

The Sunglasses are also interchangeable designs to add a luxury look to the Sobo Fashion design trend to prevent the ultimate woman or drag queen from squinting and straining his/her eyes.  The polarized sunglasses offer a transformation look to protect at a sale price to grab now at $69.  Why not personalize your eyewear for clearer vision, better protection, and reduction of strain today with the advantage of a polarized look.

Don't Wait For Thursday, Start Shopping Now For The Luxury Experience Of Sobo Fashion at


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