When I Look To The Sky I Think Of Cranes

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New York City ~  It was a heinous act of domestic violence that lead this blogger to seek a religious ceremonial purpose in Berkeley, California for her daughter.  After a brief marriage in 1991, that later lead to domestic violence on June 5, 1993, the Japanese word, "origami" was introduced to my daughter because I did not possess a voice.  I possessed no ears, no voice, no senses, and I was being inflicted with brain damage so that I could no longer produce a child.  Folding paper is a Japanese belief that began in the 6th century due to the high costs of paper.  For the State of Louisiana, it was a misunderstood concept since no family members attending my wedding ~ dressed in Black/Royal Purple to represent the Japanese culture belief.  Good fortune and longevity were a silent voice I possessed with invisible wings for my two children during the religious ceremonial wedding on October 26, 1991, but protection for prays went unheard.

In 2002, the religious ceremonial wedding was remembered by my ex-husband as my Japanese Tattoo displays or recites "the criminal that took something from me and never planned to return it" ~ my prayers.  The Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture of good fortune was attempting to take my wings of the crane and carry my souls and my families souls up to paradise via my ex-husband.  The protection of the crane's wings once folded by my child in 2005, that recited my prayer at my wedding is a constant reminder:

"O flock of heavenly cranes cover my chil with your wings."

Although my daughter did not fold a 1000 cranes in 2005, one of her wishes came true and that was to become a professional graduating from college Tattooed by and Spoken Language For "the love for her mother" who struggled to make sure a gift was given to her.  Today, that same presentation of cranes once folded in Berkeley, California for my family members in Hercules, California is a memory unforgotten due to the death of Javonte Asean Prothro, 29, murdered by a New Yorker in Richmond, California on 9.19.2016 at 10:53 am.

October Is Domestic Violence/Cancer Awareness Month

Each One Advocate For Another So Your Voice Is Heard And Not Overpowered Today!


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