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Applications For The Next City Vanguard Conference Is Open And Due!

New York City (Repost)Release Announcement ~  Dear Next City Readers,

Time is running out to apply for our 2017 Vanguard conference in Montréal. Your application is due by Monday, December 12 at midnight Eastern time.

At the 2017 Vanguard in Montréal, join 40 of the brightest young urban leaders for four days of learning, exchanging ideas and building relationships. Participants will be selected through a competitive application process and the only requirement is that you must be 40 or younger and have demonstrated some change in a city.

The free conference, happening May 31 through June 3, will include workshops, tours and conversations about the newest ideas in urban development, transportation, tech and politics. You will leave Montréal inspired by new perspectives and more connected to the growing urbanist movement transforming our cities.

"The diversity of expertise and perspectives made for the best un-conference I have ever attended. Only at Next City have I seen a panel disc…

It's National Native American Month ~ What Is Your Story Of Traditions?

                                                      Photo Credits:  Creative Commons

Indian Child Welfare Association Release ~
Elijah Blue Arquette is a motivational speaker, Nez Perce National Historical Park employee, and White Bison Wellbriety Program volunteer - a positive role model for his community's youth. Before the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act, Elijah's mother was adopted by a non-Indian family; her disconnection from her extended family and tribe at a young age affected her ability to pass on her tribal culture to her son. Even though Elijah and his mother are enrolled members of the Nez Perce Tribe and grew up on the reservation, they were uninvolved in tribal practices and community activities throughout his early youth. A month before Elijah's 16th birthday, he was placed in the Nez Perce tribal foster care system. Elijah remained in his community and, as a result, had the opportunity to increase his cultural knowledge and participation in triba…

What Is Adult Entertainment Without Club Lust NY?

                                 Photography by @Filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media
New York City ~ Local governments often need to regulate various adult sexually oriented businesses and services that include movies, theaters, bookstores, video stores, adult-only hotels/motels.  Since the death of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, the First Amendment has taken on a new movement to protest what matters and what is appreciated today.  Life for the two men lost to gun violence on the streets of Richmond, California on September 19, 2016.

With open statements, "I do not want to be destroyed!" Celebrities are hard at work validating their constitutional rights to express free speech using secondary effects.  Since 1993, law enforcement has forgot what the community "Cares About" and that is to be entertained using "specified sexual activities" to exclude minors.  Although adult establishments operate in zoning districts with concerns to unrelated t…

Contra Costa County Deadlines An Anti-Gang Program In The Death Of JaVonte Prothro, 29 & Otigo Martinez, 18 Murdered In Richmond, California

                                Photo Credits:  Christopher Whimmer, City Photographer 9.19.2016

Richmond, California ~ Since the death of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, coth residents of Hercules, California on September 19, 2016, Contra Costa County has been busy managing and implementing business drives towards Anti-Gang solutions.  One of the City of Richmond Business Results to address Gun Violence was to introduce Anti-gang programs across the County.  With limited budgets to assist the Richmond Police Departments, Contra Costa County supervisors are looking for a coordinator to work in a new program called "Operation Ceasefire" to aid in the reduction of violent crimes, according to Supervisor Federal Glover.

Operation Ceasefire is a benchmark to Boston, Chicago and Stockton programs and will be used as a strategy to research and experience evolution using a comprehensive approah to deter violence while providing employment training, jobs and other service…