What Is Adult Entertainment Without Club Lust NY?

                                 Photography by @Filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media
New York City ~ Local governments often need to regulate various adult sexually oriented businesses and services that include movies, theaters, bookstores, video stores, adult-only hotels/motels.  Since the death of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, the First Amendment has taken on a new movement to protest what matters and what is appreciated today.  Life for the two men lost to gun violence on the streets of Richmond, California on September 19, 2016.

With open statements, "I do not want to be destroyed!" Celebrities are hard at work validating their constitutional rights to express free speech using secondary effects.  Since 1993, law enforcement has forgot what the community "Cares About" and that is to be entertained using "specified sexual activities" to exclude minors.  Although adult establishments operate in zoning districts with concerns to unrelated to speech, achieving a purpose for adult use businesses is gamed legitimate for governmental purpose.

Movies, photographs, live performances and empahsizes on "specified sexual activities" open to the general public to exclude minors by reason of age is big business today and adults are all at the bar celebrating what matters!


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