Who's Fighting The Balance Of The Bipartisan Efforts Today?

       In Memory Of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, Murdered September, 19, 2016

Albany, NY ~  An Emergency Call of Action by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) on March 13, 2017, addressed the new legislative Privacy Protections within the sixteen states and the District Of Columbia to bring balance back to Americans on privacy and public safety.  Thousands of New Yorkers from every borough of the State took a stand against the Trump Administration to force proper transparency and oversight regarding accessing sensitive digital information.  Should Law Enforcement, outside of an Amber Alert Emergency be required to get a warrant to invade or confiscate your physical data today while you are in police custody?

According to New Yorkers, privacy laws must require a police officer to get a warrant before searching your file cabinet or computer.  Even you mailbox cannot be under siege due to the new technological boomers who advanced Superior Thought to New York using emails, text messages, online records and even social media.  Nearly 149, 810 law enforcement requests for customer data has been illegally confiscated from consumers without a warrant and this Methodology datum must stop!  In 2015, Twitter received more demands than any other state to Stop illegal searches by law enforcement in New York, than any other State.  Since SnapChat influenced the market in 2015, users have almost doubled using video, photos, and texts that get deleted without a consumer having the opportunity to protect their privacy.  Even Facebook has received 17, 577 requests from federal, state,  and local law enforcement agencies regarding searches without warrants on 26, 579 accounts.  What has happened to public confidence people?  Even President Trump gets up close and personal on the White House comment line today and has not recognized the American privacy laws!  Where are our lawmakers?  The NYCLU has designed a Talking Points NY ECPA (A. 1895) legislation to direct law enforcement departments to obtain electronic communication information with a warrant and if the rules are not followed your Attorney General can seek redress.

Since the heinous deaths of JaVonte Prothro, 29, and Otigo Martinez, 18, both of Hercules, California, murdered by distraction-affected drivers on September 19, 2016, this new bill for New Yorkers can provide closure even for insurance companies under this new Talking Point Framework legislation.  Let's Force the Trump Administration to bring an Emergency Call of Action to the people by passing the A. 1895 bill under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act Call of Action. Call your local New York Representatives today and do not be distracted by the modern digital age.


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