Why Joint Venture Into Forestry Today?

Gibsland, Louisiana - No salesperson is for sale when the legacy of land ownership exist today.  The forestry industry in Louisiana is a prime example of non self-promoted identity for "Making America Whole Again" for American citizens with ancestry within the United States today.  The science and practice of managing a craft beyond creating a pen is a desired resources for most retired farmers who still value the need for human and environmental benefits.  The USDA of Agroforestry Strategic Framework of forestry technologies creates more jobs for integrating, diversifying, and producing profitable healthy and sustainable paper through land-use systems.

Trees, an associated resource, under the Forest Service Research and Development, is an applied research study today of the biological, physical, and social sciences related elements that are a multi-faceted future generation need to promote the greater good to people - "paper."  The "Forest Legacy Program" for working forests to protect water quality and provide habitat, forest products is the purpose for valuable forest land, soil, timber products, wildlife habitat, aesthetics, and recreational opportunities like Sportsman Hunting.  The program focuses on property acquisitions, to support the efforts of donated conservation easements by funding acquisitioners for a public purpose and agreed to by all - "the landowners."  The federal government funds up to 75% of project costs with the sale or donation of property rights (trees), for the greater good.

Tomorrow's news is todays financial market of assistance that is offered by the Agricultural Water Enhancement Programs, and Healthy Forests Initiatives threatened by Ecosystems.


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