Art On Date With Fashion By Oksana Tanasiv In NYC

New York City - Oksana is not only a well-known fashion artist of New York Fashion Week, but Oksana Tanasiv (Oksi) is a Ukrainian-American contemporary artist who knows how to present world star gallery class to the A-list crowd.  Since 2012, Oksana has presented some of her greatest art collections series on Times Square, Waldorf Astoria, Wall Street, and other venues of New York Fashion Week.  Oksana is also a re-created dress designer of dresses by Dior, Galiano, Pucci, and Zuhair Murad which have been displayed in 3-D work using Swarovski crystals, sequences, beads, and fabrics sewn on canvas.  Using the combinations of 2D art with 3D installations that "Come out of Canvas" into two-dimensional art fashion sculptures, Oksana has presented in Saturday's Art Collection the life-like oil painting of none other than pop-star sensation "BeyoncĂ©." 

For $45,000, you can purchase works "Manhattan Beauty" by this Ternopil, Ukraine born surrealist who graduated from Pedagogical University with a Bachelor degree in science.  The knowledge in business, science, marketing, and branding a artistic artist allowed Oksana to develop her forward thinking art to a higher level using the 2017 art collections displayed at the Lloyds International Art Gallery on Saturday, July 15, 2015.  Since 2004, Oksana Tanasiv has immigrated into the United States and has exhibited her galleries within the USA, Europe, Museums, and Art Associations.  Private collectors have sold her art as well within Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Oksana Tanasiv can be reached via for sponsorship opportunities as well as the latest in monthly newsletters.  Get Social!  Manage Your Collections from the Fashion Artist of NYC Fashion Week "Style" which is the latest series to be presented in September 2017 at Madison Square Garden.


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