The Couture Fashion Week New York Introduces New "American Wild" Music on Zee Entertainment Television

What Is Your Social Media Story? by Go Doctorate Go Media

American Wild (YouTube)

New York City (Performers) -  Singer Katie Belle’s, interviewee of Go Doctorate Go Media at Couture Fashion Week, "What Does Social Media Mean To You?", (Facebook), introduces a new music style that is best described as Country Crossover.   Katie Belle former National Teen USA winner is also a songwriter, model and actress who looks to her life and those around her for inspiration, according to Couture Fashion Week.  Her lyrics are poetic, insig htful, empowering, fun and energetic. Katie’s newest single release "American Wild"  which has over 100K streams on Spotify will be featured and performed at the Couture Fashion Week Fall 2017 event on Saturday, September 9, 2017, which is her original.   With a Native American framework, Katie Belle, will be a one of a kind performer you do not want to miss this season. 

Katie has been nominated in The Josie Country Blast Radio Awards and The International Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA). She is the winner of the 2016 Female Country at Women In Charge and 2015 Country Female Artist Award at the IMEA Awards. Several of her original songs have placed as semi-finalist and finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and USA Songwriting Competitions.  

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