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How Much Is That Suit Worth?

New York City (Brooklyn) -  Police brutality is not a game in a world of fashion that portrays beauty, make up, women, and glamour.  Watching from a photographers lens, an observation is captured to spell a story or stories that grabs an audience on a particular focal point or discipline.  What you see is not always the postulates of disciplines that is sketched by the media.  Women, as beautiful as they are today, are still telling their stories of sexual harassment in multiple ways, involving undue violence by police members or ties close to the police.  The vulnerable are not categorized by the relatively powerless groups, such as minorities, the disabled, the young, or the poor anymore.  The vulnerable are now amongst the elite, the socialite, the politician, and violators of human rights.

When a person in this category approaches you to proclaim police accountability by addressing the violation of a civilians' rights, beware!  It is not with the suit!  It is sexual harassmen…