Are NYC Shelters Safe For Service Animals Today?

Brooklyn, NY -  With the latest data about service animals in the news today, news reporters failed to interview Service Animal, Charm who formerly resided at Magnolia House Women's Shelter Adult Protective Services program back in May 2017.  On May 30, 2017, service animal, Charm was punched in a NYC shelter around 7 pm by a woman named Seannell Campbell over a dispute regarding Charm's handler's recent employment.  The handler stated that she slept in an open dormitory style setting in a single twin bed with her service animal when every night for 60 days until she had recent had an encounter about her employment status with a service animal accompanying her.  According to the reports, an argument broke out with the Head Social Worker at Magnolia House over taking the service animal on an interview.  When the Social Worker refused to divulge information on Charm's handler, the mentally ill woman assaulted the service animal so it would result in the dogs death.  The 73rd precinct drafted paperwork for the handler to sue the shelter for neglect, but for some reason the community went against the 73rd precinct in support of the dogs death causing the owner to flee to relocate to another State for safety.

To date no reports from any other reporter has been found regarding this incident as it could be bias communication due to the nature of how and why the dog was punched.  Attorney Sessa of the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office failed to allow Charm to be heard in court stating that it was too emotional for the suspect to listen.


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