Rapper Fabulous Appears At Club Lust NYC

Brooklyn, NY -  Social Justice Leadership comes in all kinds of modes in the entertainment industry and abroad.  The true definition of what Social Justice means is the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.  The Brooklyn-born rapper, Fabulous fits that definition of wealth today as he made his featured appearance last night at Club Lust NY - Brooklyn along with DJ Spin King to celebrate their Birthday bashes and appreciation for their fans. The rapper, born as John David Jackson. and known on stage as "Fabulous" supported his home town "Brooklyn" with private dancers.   As Black wealth today associates a new meaning within our society, more appreciation for healthcare and how women are taken care of in the workplace becomes a highly valued concern within Brooklyn's community.

No one is just tipping dollars for nude models, a new language of racial equity is being discussed, engaged, and supported amongst celebrities, anti-racism coalitions, and the like.   Power, privilege, racism, and oppression now hold a different meaning for Black people, and Fabulous has expressed his dialect in a new way of words that often come with emotions and assumptions when not spoken - "displayed jewelry" in the new video "Flipmode."

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/cmaGL1KVvs8


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