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"Request For An Officer My Son Has Been Murdered" Featured At Couture Fashion Week NY Fall 2018

Photo:  Courtesy of Couture Fashion Week

New York City Press Release -  Public Safety is taking on a new name in the Fashion World today.  Police Officers are bearing all on the Catwalk by delivering a new way of appreciation to thought behind the traditional blue uniform.  A beautiful face, nice body, long attractive legs, and goddess entrapments to accent a sexual salad desired by men.  Her name is Samantha Sepulveda and she is an entrepreneur, a celebrity, and a model who has made her name in the Fashion World.  Officer Sepulveda has appeared in publications as FHM, Maxim, GQ, Muscle & Fitness and Inside Fitness, as well as in articles in the New York Post, The Daily Mail and many more.  According to Couture Fashion Week NY producer, Andres Aquino, Officer Sepulveda recently appeared on the cover of MMA Uncaged Magazine alongside Rhonda Rousey.

Samantha Sepulveda is an 8-year police Veteran who holds a MBA in Finance from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, and the school has …

Go Doctorate Go Media Goes To War For Gun Violence

Photography By Go Doctorate Go Media To Regulate Gun Violence Laws In 2016
California - In 2016, a surge of murders took place in Richmond, California for the rights to money, attention, and soars.  The entry to war on communication began when unmanaged Rhetoric went rampant at the end of November 2014.  Internal corruption, greed, and deception of how society recognized the news known as history became an altered platform of current events for Western language speakers.  Journalism, journalism opinion, and news reporting as most societies have known in the 19th century exploded with new disciplines of modern expertise, professional construction, and explanations of current "chosen" events. The concept of freedom of speech as it covers freedom of the press apparently does not possess equal treatment under the law for spoken rhetoric and published expression.

In the 1980's, traditional journalism or journalism was identified as a "credible crisis" or the new &quo…

Andres Aquino, Producer of New York Fashion Couture Fashion Week Announces Another Season For Fall 2018

Photography By Go Doctorate Go Media

World Class photography comes in many difference languages for the professional photographer who possesses a passion for hunting beauty.  International designers, from all over the world gain fashion clarity with the finest models, press, entertainment, stage lights, and elite guests.  What makes this event so intriguing for New York City guest is the venue, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Broadway Ballroom.

Last season, Vietnamese designer, Do Trinh Hoai Nam presented his Spring 2018 Collections at the Couture Fashion Week Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, Broadway Ballroom, in New York City entitled  “Golden Lotus Ao Dai Collection.”   Last week this same celebrity designer has been honored with an invitation to Paris Fashion Week 2018 to showcase 30 of his lastest designs entitled “Women in love” 
Today, Paris, France isn't the only one dancing u…