Go Doctorate Go Media Goes To War For Gun Violence

Photography By Go Doctorate Go Media To Regulate Gun Violence Laws In 2016

California - In 2016, a surge of murders took place in Richmond, California for the rights to money, attention, and soars.  The entry to war on communication began when unmanaged Rhetoric went rampant at the end of November 2014.  Internal corruption, greed, and deception of how society recognized the news known as history became an altered platform of current events for Western language speakers.  Journalism, journalism opinion, and news reporting as most societies have known in the 19th century exploded with new disciplines of modern expertise, professional construction, and explanations of current "chosen" events. The concept of freedom of speech as it covers freedom of the press apparently does not possess equal treatment under the law for spoken rhetoric and published expression.

In the 1980's, traditional journalism or journalism was identified as a "credible crisis" or the new "crack era" where photography and rappers influenced the mainstream like foot soldiers.  Before that, "the Watergate Crisis" in the 1970's ended the war in Vietnam, yet left Americans with an ideology of drug dependent news professionals who captured stories driving by public resistance.  Public ignorance in a Garnnett society of democracy forced textbooks and pens to redesign an appreciation for the name Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and why outreach programs were important in expanding public knowledge.  Today, the war on Opioids and parajournalism in the 21st Century leaves debate for the fundamental shift in what is captured in a disciplined presentation of news.  New movements and challenges that monopolized the news industry is now an Independent Media Center movement of spectacular contributions.

And then there is the art of "photography" to translate "theories of the press" today.


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