How Often Does The Black & Brown Community Speak About Health & Wellness?

New York -  Mental health, physical health, and financial health is a growing concern within the Black & Brown community today due to a breakdown in language barriers that need to be broken.  Moderator, Bert Gervais: Best Selling-Author & Teen Tech Director @ Boys & Girls Club, leads the audience into another dimension of intimate thought using diversity dialog for the elite community.  Are you ignoring the experiences or traumatic experiences within your childhood because you do not take the time to date yourself?  How often does one within the Black or Brown community come forward about their sexual preferences or being raped and afraid to share the experience due to financial setbacks?  Does nutrition play a major role in your lifestyle as a substitute for lacking intimacy?  How often do you search for the Common Face within the Black and Brown community when you are seeking healthcare treatment?  Where does your 529 college savings plan matter as a Black or Brown member within your community if you do not recycle change processes for your next generation to maintain a stable community?  When do you seek Justice if you do not know about Reproductive Justice within your own Black and Brown community?  Can public schools teach your child about sexual language if the parents do not practice language use in the home?

Dr. Holly Lofton: Medical Weight Management Specialist @ NYU Langone Medical Center
 Dr. Lofton practices general medicine and specializes in medical weight management and obesity and embraces the Black and Brown community to divorce the use of general language by advocating change using direct appreciative language to address your health.

Michelle Hope: Author + Educator + Reproductive Justice Activist @ MHSexpert
Michelle compels the audience to teach your children at birth what a vulva/vagina is today to avoid the lack of purse use slave master syndrome language that hinders thought in diversity communication.  As a LBGTQ advocate who was recently on The Breakfast Club (national syndicate radio station) Ms. Hope empowers the audience to address the sexual awareness full force as a legacy.

Dr. Karinn Glover: Psychiatrist + Mindfulness Coach + Professor @ Albert Einstein College of Medicine states that your psychiatric issues are not suppressed within your Biblical circle or your Grandmother's pockbook, as a Black or Brown person within the community psychiatry must be examined by common faces and psyche today.

Kharay Kenyatta: Wealth Management @ Goldman Sachs states that "what is important as a first generation educated person..."  what matters is how wealth is brought to one's awareness using a forward thinking strategy to manage wealth for future generations.

Andrea Massop-Ramos: Clinical Nutritionist + CEO @ Healthy Friendz Nutrition states that My Plate is a pyramid example of how Michelle Obama triggered the Black and Brown communities to mirror change in your diets based upon ethinic identities to produce successful stable homes.

The Catalyst Foundation Network currently oversees approximately 250 children for intensive scholarship award programs and partners with organizations and societies for the common good and wealth within the NYC schools and Black/Brown Communities.

Stay Esteemed by within your Black Community to diverse dialog that drives results to teach another by giving change in their life.  The panelist are reaching out to the Black and Brown communities to get social and get involved today.  Get acquainted by making an appointment with the Common Face in your community.


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